V-SPIRIT Workwear Collection

V-SPIRIT Workwear Collection

Now with more design and comfort, VITO's new V-SPIRIT workwear collection sets a new standard in fashion and work, combining style and functionality.

Featuring a selection of jackets and vests, this collection has been designed to adapt perfectly to any scenario, whether professional or casual, always guaranteeing the necessary protection.

Each garment is produced with high-quality materials and refined details, offering maximum comfort and durability.

The ALPHA range, available in vest and jacket version, expresses a dynamic and relaxed style, giving a modern look to everyday life. 

Designed to keep up with the fast pace of contemporary life, it is a perfect choice for those looking for a constant presence in fashion, accompanied by style and comfort. With a comfortable and functional design, it combines different fabrics to offer flexibility, durability and protection against adverse weather conditions such as cold, wind and rain. Its breathable material and ventilation holes make it ideal for outdoor activities, while its water repellent capacity (DWR) keeps the body dry in humid conditions. It also has a variety of inner and outer pockets for storing everything you need. Equipped with a chin guard and adjustable elastic cuffs, this jacket guarantees a personalised fit.


The LOKI, whether vest or jacket version, is characterised by its "Thermal Reflection" technology, which includes an internal reflective lining that keeps the body warm. Ideal for colder days, it's a lightweight, breathable and practical model with total freedom of movement. This complete model has two outer pockets and two inner pockets. With LOKI, you can face everyday challenges with confidence, knowing that you're protected from the cold and ready for any adventure that comes your way.


The DUAL model is a reversible 2-in-1 jacket that adapts to different situations. With a high-visibility side (EN ISO 20471 Standard), prioritising safety, and a more casual version for relaxed moments, it's a jacket that incorporates versatility into every use. It's also waterproof and cold-resistant, so it's ready to face working environments in demanding weather conditions. Emphasising its lightness, it provides comfort without compromising mobility. With DUAL, simply choose the side you need and you're ready for anything. 

The Work Trousers K9 with more flexibility and durability are designed to resist wear and provide all-day comfort. Made with four-way stretch polyester and reinforced areas in 600D Oxford polyester with PU coating, these trousers guarantee freedom of movement without compromising durability. Suitable for outdoor activities or working in harsh environments, they have reinforced areas at points of greatest wear, such as the knees, leg pockets, edge of the front pockets and back hems, guaranteeing more resistance.

Finally, the Thinsulate Beanie Hat, with its modern and lightweight design, is distinguished by its 3M Thinsulate Insulation technology. This beanie hat contains an acrylic fibre with insulating properties, keeping the head warmer in cold conditions without significantly increasing the volume or even the weight of the beanie hat.


V-SPIRIT not only prioritises comfort, durability and style, it also redefines the concept of fashion, giving all brave people the chance to dress with more confidence, style and quality.

It's a collection FOR THE BRAVE.