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O que é a bravura

The mission we bravely lead

To democratise access for everyone to the best tools, machinery, equipment and accessories for construction, agriculture, garden, safety and car maintenance, for professional or everyday use. Every day, with the instinct of a leader, pride in our origins, empathy for others and respect for nature.

Campanha SMART ON 🌟

Campanha SMART ON 🌟 Durante o período de 19 Fevereiro a 30 de Março de 2024, aproveita a oportunidade de ganhar uma SMART TV da SAMSUNG 55'' ao adquirir um dos modelos de Lavadoras da VITO consideradas nesta Campanha SMART ON. A VITO tem diversos modelos disponíveis para encontrares a lavadora ideal correspondente às tuas necessidades.  Desde os modelos mais compac
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The Portuguese People's Favourite Choice in Machines and Tools for Four Years in a Row

For the fourth year running, we are honoured to receive the "Cinco Estrelas" (Five Stars) and "Escolha do Consumidor" (Consumer choice) in the Machinery and Tools category 🌟🥇 In addition to this enormous satisfaction, this recognition reinforces our ongoing commitment to continuing to deliver excellence in every tool we manufacture. Driven by a spirit of bravery, we strive to push the boundaries a
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Waterproof Essential Protective Equipment

Working outdoors in a rainy environment should be approached with extra caution and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety and well-being of anyone. This type of environment is conducive to more slippery floors, puddles of water, more cold, decreased sensitivity, among other risk factors for safe work. VITO therefore presents some essential items to face the rain wi
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When two great brands come together, the result is an unbeatable team. Playing side by side with Atlético de Madrid is a source of pride and a further reinforcement of VITO's.

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