Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having doubts? We can answer them for you.

  • Where can I purchase VITO products and accessories?

    VITO does not sell directly to the end customer. The quickest way to purchase VITO machines and tools is at distributors' shops. You can find the distributors nearest to your address on the "Where to Purchase" page.

  • What is the warranty period for a VITO appliance or tool?

    All VITO machinery and tools are covered by legislation in force on the warranty of movable property for consumers.

  • What is the procedure to be followed in case of a VITO product breakdown?

    You must go to a VITO distributor and present proof of purchase for the product in question. The distributor will send the appliance to our service centre, which will analyse the breakdown.

  • Where can I find information on the declaration of conformity for each item?

    The declaration of conformity for every VITO product an be found in the corresponding instruction manual.

  • Where can I find product instruction manuals and technical documents?

    All information on individual VITO products ( instruction manual, parts diagram, declaration of conformity, technical data sheet) can be found on the product page of our website.

  • Where can you purchase original VITO spare parts?

    Parts and other original components of VITO machines and tools can be ordered and purchased from our distributor shops. Find the nearest shops to your home address here.

  • For whom are VITO tools intended?

    VITO machines and tools are intended for the BRAVEST of all who get up and do things with their own hands. For professional and everyday use, VITO offers a range that meets all needs.

  • Does VITO comply with all quality requirements for its products?

    VITO's machines and tools are subjected to strict quality control processes that allow all products to be traded and distributed anywhere in the world with the utmost reliability and quality. This is proved by the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and the Five Star and Consumer Choice Awards.

  • What's VITO commitment with the environment?

    All VITO products are committed to the environment, governed by principles of sustainability and low consumption. They also comply with Euro V standard in order to reduce the minimum number of pollutant emissions into the environment. In addition, we work daily to find alternative solutions to plastic for the packaging of our products.

  • Where can I check the price of VITO tools?

    VITO does not sell directly to the end customer. For product prices, you must contact a distributor directly.

  • How can I get more information on a specific product?

    For technical information and specifications of a VITO product, please refer to the product page on our website.

  • What should I do to become a VITO distributor?

    To become a VITO distributor, please fill in the following form here. You will then be contacted by the sales department, which will deal with the whole process in a personalised way.