Service Center
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Service Center

The VITO service centre, covering an area of 2.000m2, is equipped with specialised repair equipment and machinery. It includes 6 performance testing rooms to evaluate and test the technical data of all machinery and tools. In addition, an up-to-date stock of parts and components of all references in the range is guaranteed, so as to ensure higher quality and speed in the repair and warranty service.

The team of specialised professionals is made up of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, always available and motivated to ensure that each appliance is repaired quickly and accurately.

At VITO after-sales service is a crucial factor and a way of guaranteeing and increasing confidence in tools and machines. VITO's ambition is not only to lead the market in the area of sales and distribution of machines and tools, but also to lead in technical and specialized after-sales service support. This is a factor that elevates the VITO brand with the market and consumers, transmitting confidence to any user of VITO machines and tools.

VITO'S Warranty

All VITO machinery and tools are covered by legislation in force on the warranty of movable property for consumers.

The VITO warranty acts as a security sign of confidence in the purchase of any machinery or tool. In the event of a breakdown, the procedures guarantee replacement with original parts or a new machine.

The professional team is available to solve the problem, to deliver the machine or tool quickly and to clarify technical or operating queries..

VITO's Customer Support

Anywhere in the world and in multiple languages, a distributor hotline is ready to help. A service of excellence to support you in case of questions about technical specifications, breakdowns, repairs or catalogues.

VITO's customer support focuses on the creation of support material for the use of machinery and tools, such as technical data sheets and tutorials, and the location of the nearest distributors.

Marketing Solutions

VITO stands out as a brand that creates impact through its communication and design of machinery and tools. With the value proposition TOOLS FOR THE BRAVE and a modern and attractive image, it aims to be a leading name in the sector and to inspire all those who believe, invest and make VITO a brand of trust, progress and success.

Powered by a team of professionals in the areas of product design, web design, multimedia, marketing, digital marketing and communication, who guarantee the development and coherence of the brand, as well as the standardisation of the image of the machines and tools.

From disruptive point of sale solutions to the conception of creative campaigns, the marketing department has the strategic vision necessary to differentiate the VITO brand from other competitors.

Communication Materials

The leaflets with promotions and new products increase VITO's points of connection with the customer, creating a closer relationship.

The dynamics created at distributorships focus on the customer's physical contact with VITO machines and tools, but also with the brand and the TOOLS FOR THE BRAVE concept, transmitting determination and braveness.

Marketing Digital

VITO, which is is always attentive to digital trends, follows a 360º communication strategy, developing innovative materials for all digital media. It dynamises campaigns, give aways and competitions in order to be closer to the community, reward the Bravest and promote the brand nationally and internationally.

Sales point

The dynamics created in distributorships focus on the customer's physical contact with VITO machines and tools, but also with the brand and the TOOLS FOR THE BRAVE concept, transmitting determination and bravery. Through in-house creation of exhibitors and display, VITO promotes the brand's products in an appealing way. The display stands of the ranges: RAD, SECURITY, WR HIGH PRESSURE WASHERS stand out from the competition thanks to their innovative design. It is also possible to customise them according to the customer's needs.

Roadshow VITO

The ROADSHOW VITO van brings the latest VITO machines and tools to all distributors. Customers can see demonstrations of running machines and performance tests, making the purchase decision easier and more enlightened.

Distributor shops receive certified training in the use and maintenance of machines and tools from a VITO technician. The aim is to share information and best practice in use with distributors so that they can offer a more specialised service to the customer.

With the ambition to impact the daily lives of all BRAVES, VITO continues to grow and become an increasingly well-known and recognized brand. The Five Star Awards and Consumer Choice, awarded to VITO in 2021 and 2022, are proof of the effort, dedication and professionalism that drives the entire team.