Waterproof Essential Protective Equipment

Waterproof Essential Protective Equipment

Working outdoors in a rainy environment should be approached with extra caution and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety and well-being of anyone.

This type of environment is conducive to more slippery floors, puddles of water, more cold, decreased sensitivity, among other risk factors for safe work. VITO therefore presents some essential items to face the rain with maximum safety and comfort, being equipped from head to toe.


The main PPE for facing the rain

  • Safety boot - With a higher coverage, this type of footwear protects a larger area, including the top of the foot. In addition, this type of footwear becomes more beneficial in construction or industrial environments, where there is a greater risk of falling objects or materials.
  • Wellington boots - With synthetic uppers and PVC soles, high-top boots are totally waterproof and slip-resistant, complying with safety regulations.
  • Rain suit - VITO's rain suits are made up of jacket and waterproof trousers, offering complete body protection.
  • Raincoats - Made of waterproof and wind-resistant materials, these raincoats ensure that the wearer stays dry even in the most adverse conditions.
  • Waterproof Gloves - Keeping your hands dry is essential to ensure dexterity and prevent discomfort.

Investing in PPE specifically for rain not only guarantees the safety of workers, but also contributes to the efficiency and productivity of activities carried out in adverse conditions.

Prioritising the correct use of this equipment is a fundamental preventative measure for facing the challenges of the rain, protecting the health and performance of professionals in various areas.